RVCC Faculty Federation

AFT Local #2375 – Representing Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty at Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville NJ

Full Time Federation

Open Letter from your President

Hello Colleagues & Welcome to a new academic year of teaching and learning at RVCC!!

I thank you for allowing me another term as your president, and am looking forward to working with you all over the next two years to accomplish our goals.  Although we have done much in the recent past, know that we still have a lot of work ahead of us.  Our collective bargaining agreement ends in June 2019, and negotiations for a new contract begin in February 2019.

Know that your full-time officers and executive council representatives are here to listen to your concerns, advocate your issues, and work together with you to make RVCC the best possible place to be.  Connect with any of us to chat further.


Patti Kletz, President     Patti.Kletz@raritanval.edu

Megan Dempsey, Vice President    Megan.Dempsey@raritanval.edu

Loretta Fois, Secretary     Loretta.Fois@raritanval.edu

Alisa Shapiro, Treasurer     Alisa.Shapiro@raritanval.edu

Exec Council Reps:

Michael Bondhus     Charles.Bondhus@raritanval.edu

Brian Thomas     Brian.Thomas@raritanval.edu

William Black       William.Black@raritanval.edu

Barbara Luby            Barbara.Luby@raritanval.edu

Alexa Offenhauer      Alexa.Offenhauer@raritanval.edu

Dan Aronson     Daniel.Aronson@raritanval.edu

Madhavi Shah     Madhavi.Shah@raritanval.edu

Ronald Tyson     Ronald.Tyson@raritanval.edu

Isabelle Portelinha    Isabelle.Portelinha@raritanval.edu

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