RVCC Faculty Federation

AFT Local #2375 – Representing Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty at Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville NJ


Message from the President

Our Faculty met the challenges of the pandemic head on! We adapted our teaching to meet the needs of the college and students; learning new technologies and getting creative to ensure students could successfully meet their educational goals. 

Our latest contract was a one year extension with a 3% pay increase (up from 2.5%). This was a strategic move. Without knowing how enrollment and inflation were going to play out, it made sense to delay negotiating a 3 year contract. We are in a much better place as we head into this year’s negotiations. Enrollment is much better than expected and everyone seems to be excited to start the new year. The apathy I saw during the pandemic seems to be subsiding. It’s time we engage with each other and the union. 

As we begin the 2022-23 academic year, there is a new sense of energy. We have a new Provost beginning in September. We are back to meeting in person, with Zoom as an option. We are gearing up for a new set of negotiations as our contract expires June 2023. I have asked the Board and college administration to approach negotiations with the respect we collectively deserve. While I am hopeful we can make meaningful changes, we need to prepare with a strong united front and fight hard for what is fair. The Federation will continue to advocate for our faculty and students as we all navigate the future. 

It is a honor to work side by side with the talented, dedicated faculty of AFT Local #2375. Your hard work has made an incredible difference at RVCC. It is my privilege to be your President. I welcome your input and feedback. Thank you for all you do and continue to do!

Patti Kletz,  President, AFT Local #2375

September 2022