RVCC Faculty Federation

AFT Local #2375 – Representing Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty at Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville NJ


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As the new president of AFT Local #2375, my first order of business is to thank our previous president, Maria DeFilippis, for all she has done for our union. Over the eight years of her presidency, she has worked collaboratively with her team and achieved great strides for our membership. Even with an extremely challenging political climate and difficult contract negotiations, the outcome was always a fair contract. On behalf of the Federation membership, I extend my deepest appreciation for all she has done. She has worked tirelessly on our behalf and for that we are extremely grateful.

I will continue her tradition of collaborative work as we move forward. The new academic year brings changes to our academic structure, which changes will undoubtedly bring unforeseen issues for the Federation to resolve. This new structure includes a new Provost and four divisional deans — each of whom we welcome to the RVCC community.  The Federation looks forward to working collaboratively with this new administration in order to keep RVCC’s status as the “#1 New Jersey Community College” (Best.Colleges.com).

Looking to the future, I promise you that the Federation welcomes your input, and that it will keep abreast of issues of importance to its members as we prepare to negotiate two new contracts in 2019. Personally, I look forward to working with the amazing people who make up AFT Local #2375.  Your talents, dedication, and hard work have made an incredible difference at RVCC. It is my privilege to be your President.

Thank you for all you do and continue to do.

Patti Kletz,  President, AFT Local #2375